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Launch & Learn Summit

August 22-23, 2018
Atlanta, GA

For over 130 years, Sheltering Arms has answered the call of service to our most vulnerable families and children. Each day in our 16 locations we provide high-quality early childhood education to over 2500 children between the ages of six weeks and five years old. As a NAEYC-accredited provider with national partnerships and recognition, we are the standard for early childhood education. How do we do it? We have a process and an approach that we’ve continued to hone and we want to share our best practices with you.

The Event

In August, we are hosting a two-day learning opportunity for funders, aspiring providers and established providers. Participants will engage in discussion about site management and financial sustainability with our leadership team and other subject matter experts. We will discuss all aspects of our business model, including our financial model, the programmatic and operational implications that stem from our financial model and agency governance. Participants will also have an opportunity to tour our facilities, network with other funders and providers and participate in post-summit action planning and follow-up calls.

What This Means For You

If you are a provider, this is a great opportunity to accelerate your learning curve by leveraging our experience and expertise. If you are a funder, this learning opportunity will ensure your investment is going to have the impact that you desire and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Space is limited.

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