Community Outreach

Quality education can be both the cause and the effect of a healthy community.  Through partnerships with business, government, civic groups, and other nonprofits, Sheltering Arms works to improve educational outcomes in the communities it serves.  In collaboration, we provide resources and opportunities that empower children and families to achieve their full potential.  By building strong, safe communities, we make it possible for children to focus on learning and to envision a future of hope and opportunity.

Our community outreach includes...

  • Hundreds of community presentations each year to raise awareness of issues affecting children and families
  • Volunteer opportunities for more than 5,000 volunteers annually, together contributing almost 35,000 hours of service
  • Service projects such as food drives, visits to senior citizen homes, and voter registration through which Sheltering Arms students and families give back to the community
  • Preschools that act as community centers in the neighborhoods we serve, offering meeting space for civic groups and hosting GED classes, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, health screenings, parenting classes, support groups, and family festivals
  • Partnerships with local community groups and institutions to reach underserved populations, to improve service delivery and outcomes, and to model needed system and policy changes


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